Police litigation is a specialized area of law with many procedural rules, specialized documents, technical knowledge areas, and high emotions. Our attorneys have the deep practical experience to get to the core of your police matter and act as your best advocate.

Lawsuits by disgruntled employees are often unavoidable. At Nathan & Kamionski LLP we are fully prepared to litigate these disputes, but we also consult with our clients on training to minimize litigation exposure.  Our experience includes claims of wrongful termination, claims for race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, age and disability discrimination, and claims pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act and Family and Medical Leave Act. We advise clients regarding company policies, procedure manuals, employee handbooks, record keeping, hiring practices, and all other facets of compliance with state and federal employment, discrimination, and wage and hour laws.

Our attorneys are here to guide your organization and its directors through the disputes that arise during the course of your business. Whether you are faced with a multi-million dollar contract dispute or just need some legal advice, we will quickly diagnose your matter and apply the appropriate fix to allow your organization to focus on what it does best. This approach often results in substantial financial savings for our commercial clients.

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Nathan & Kamionski LLP’s extensive litigation experience enables its attorneys to thoroughly analyze potential cases before they are even filed. As trial lawyers, we know the key issues that arise in cases and the critical evidence necessary to mount a solid defense. Once a lawsuit is already filed, defense lawyers are generally at a disadvantage because plaintiff’s counsel already knows the case very well and has usually been in contact with all the key witnesses.

At its core, the pre-suit investigation will help the defense develop a persuasive theory of the case that will drive the discovery once the lawsuit is pending. Early assessment of trial theories will put the defense in a better position to test how the story fits with the developing record as discovery progresses. It will inform defense counsel’s initial disclosures, guide written discovery requests and deposition questioning, and provide insight regarding the expert witnesses that may be necessary. This type of case assessment and plan is perhaps the best money spent in litigation.

Lawsuits against nursing homes are on the rise and present increasing costs and risked to skilled nursing facilities. As trial attorneys, we know how to investigate and assess a claim and respond accordingly.

One of the first questions our personal injury clients tend to ask is, “How much is my claim worth?” We think this is a fair question and our experienced attorneys are unafraid to give you a fair answer. If you were injured in a medical facility, car accident, store, or other business, give us a call and let us assess your case.